parenting cornerstones.

RESPECT: Be kind to others, tell the truth, use your voice for good, create positive relationships, eat well, sleep well, love yourself, be brave, lead.

RESPONSIBILITY: Say please and thank you, make eye contact, work hard, value what you have, bask in gratitude, honor your family, set high standards, engage, sweat, think.

LIVE FULLY: Have fun, play, go outside, be silly, be willing to make mistakes, create, imagine, be curious, seek, serve, give back.

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As we begin to define balance in our homes, we must first have a foundation of communication. With our partners, caregivers, and children, we must always rely heavily on discussion. It is in these ...


But underneath all of this life we are living, all of this life we are trying so damn hard to get right, my love for you runs steady and unchanging. And even in the messy notes, the corners of my m...

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Watching the sun set against our children’s backs while they squeal in delight and dig in the earth and look into each other’s eyes and figure out how to stop those damn waves from crashing dow...


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  • My trip to Camp GLOW Grenada

  • Instagram iRules

    Instagram iRules for Beginners -- with some help from my 12 year old son.

  • Video

    My filmmaker friend Tiffany Shlain (@tiffanyshlain) mad this great video that supports the SlowTech Lifestyle.

  • Interview

    Listen to my interview with Michael Roizen, MD on the radio program "YOU: The Owner's Manual".

  • Parent TechTip

    I'm noticing a slow down in the use of Twitter, Instagram & teens. So, where are they? it's all about Snapchat right now!....

  • iRule Tip

    If you have an open mind and like a challenge, Device Free Days or even a Slow Tech Summer can actually be fun! But if you aren’t prepared to take on days or weeks without technology as a family, start small!

  • Blog

    a contract created with the help of fourth grade students and their teachers during our recent “tech talk”. This is a sample letter to parents used to communicate the classroom discussions around technology and initiatives.

  • Blog

    I find freedom in the moments I would have forced a picture, "smile - stay still - stop it - cooperate". Instead, we capture the moments that feel really special and call them "mind pictures"

  • Video

    My TEDx Talk video is live -- the title is "Parenting in the Screen Age". Have a look.


    Now is a perfect time to take a "Tech Inventory".

  • SlowTech

    How to SlowTech yourself in 2014 and onward....

  • Ask Janell

    Dear Janell,

    No porn? Seriously? You want it or not, your son is going to masturbate like any other human being and you don’t even let him watch porn to maximize the experience? The other rules you wrote just show you are a douche mother.


  • Video Clip

    Here is a video clip of the Good Morning America interview I did with Gregory when the iPhone contract first came out!

  • Audio Clip

    Taking smartphones out of sleepovers

  • Audio Clip

    Parents want to make sure their children are safe when using the internet, but at what point does monitoring your kids become needless spying?


    This video is at the root of the Slow Tech Movement. Use technology with purpose! But I must say, I am so guilty of the "scroll to nowhere" when I have a few minutes.

  • iRules Contract

    Dear Gregory, Merry Christmas! You are now the proud owner of an iPhone. Hot Damn! You are a good and responsible 13-year-old boy and you deserve this gift. But with the acceptance of this present comes rules and regulations. Please read through the following contract. I hope that you understand it is my job to raise you into a well rounded, healthy young man that can function...

My trip to Camp GLOW Grenada

Instagram iRules

Instagram iRules for Beginners -- with some help from my 12 year old son.