My work as an author, speaker, and consultant is shaped by my deep respect for youth, family, education and personal empowerment.

I want every person I work with to benefit from meaningful communication, real understanding and balanced living. I believe families, schools, communities and businesses can achieve this through conversation, boundary building and mutual respect. I know this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, patience and a commitment to each other and our goals as parents, educators, business leaders and community members. 


I am passionate about working with people to understand the impact of the modern world on society, culture, and behavior. In my work, I engage in conversations with people of all ages that attempt to answer some of our time’s great questions and concerns. How can we celebrate technology and use it for its highest good? How can technology become part of the global health and wellness conversation? How can we use the Slow Tech Movement to live mindfully and in balance with technology? How can we enhance our relationships, communication, education and efficiency through technology while still preserving authentic interactions and experiences?  


My professional experience as an international speaker and author combined with my personal experience as a mother of five children, a wife, daughter, sister, friend and global citizen bring my work to life with practical expertise and true engagement. I look forward to connecting, learning and growing with each of you. 



 My Professional and Parenting Cornerstones


Be kind to others, tell the truth, use your voice for good, create positive relationships, eat well, sleep well, love yourself, be brave, lead.


Say please and thank you, make eye contact, work hard, value what you have, bask in gratitude, honor your family, set high standards, engage, sweat, think.


Have fun, play, go outside, be silly, be willing to make mistakes, create, imagine, be curious, seek, serve, give back.



This is how I became a writer —– I think:

I love books & words — I read cereal boxes & newspapers & recipes & quotes & magazines
& stories.  ALL THE TIME!! Even when I was a kid!

I listen to other  people’s stories — in person, in books, anywhere!  I pay attention to my
family’s story! I ask lots of questions!

I need space without family, internet, TV,  chaos, noise.  Sneak away to a quiet place.

Be honest.  Everyone has a story that will break your heart and inspire you!

Get fresh air.  Sweat.  I hang with peeps that love the REAL me.  I try new things — even
when I’m scared.

It’s everywhere — cultivate it!

Mess up, doodle, take notes, make lists — TRY!