Sample Classroom iRules

Janell Burley Hofmann, March 04, 2014

This winter I have been working with individual classrooms to develop tech contracts based on the policies of the district and the vision of the teachers. Below you will find a contract created with the help of fourth grade students and their teachers during our recent “tech talk”. This is a sample letter to parents used to communicate the classroom discussions around technology and initiatives. 

Is this a discussion topic that your classroom needs? How would you feel about personal technology going to school with your child? The relationship between school and home is changing. One of the major crossovers will be technology. How can we open the discussion with our students and families? How is the technology working in your life and the lives of your students and children? Think about it! Talk about it! Conversation and discussion is one of the greatest ways to raise our awareness about change, beliefs, and goals. 

Dear Parents 

As a pilot program for the next few weeks, we are excited to announce our new classroom policy: tablets, e-readers and other devices that are designed for reading will be allowed in our class. Below you will find our five contract points that we all created and agreed upon prior to implementing the new policy. It is important that both you and your child sit down together and read the points. Please sign and return when you are ready. Once the contract is signed, your child is welcome to bring in their electronic reading device. Please know it comes to school at the risk and responsibility of your child and family. Devices will not be locked away or ever in my charge, but kept in their desks or reading bins inside the classroom. While I will do what I can to keep them safe, there is no guarantee.

Since we are using devices strictly for reading, this is voluntary. It is simply an option that may or may not apply to your child. Personal technology in school is new and exciting! Failure to comply with the following five points will result in a limit or termination of the privilege of having personal technology in school. 

  1. Devices are for reading only. No gaming, social networking, messaging, internet searches, music or picture taking allowed at this time.
  2. All book purchases must be made at home. No purchases will be allowed during school.
  3. It’s hard to believe we’re saying this: No sharing allowed! Devices are to be used by their owners only!
  4. Our goal is always to find a Just Right (JR) book even on our devices. All of our reading levels are different, so students and families should make the best effort to find school and reader appropriate JR books.
  5. Devices go between school and home only. They don’t join us at specials, recess, lunch or any other time out of the classroom.

We agree to the above terms and look forward to carefully and consciously introducing new technology into the classroom. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or express concerns. We appreciate your support on this exciting new endeavor!

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