SlowTech Yourself 2014!

Janell Burley Hofmann, January 02, 2014

Generally, I don’t make formal New Year’s Resolutions. I tend to be goal oriented and driven by nature, so I always seem to make it through each year feeling satisfied with how I’ve grown, but also consistently looking ahead to what’s next without much convincing. This week, I have been reflecting and basking in gratitude.  This past year, 2013, has been a shift year for me. A year that will be solidified on my personal timeline, specifically titled, “When Everything Changed”.  I signed with a brilliant literary agent from DCL Agency, Amy Hughes last winter. I signed a book deal with Rodale Inc this summer and wrote an eighty thousand word book in ninety days this fall. I gave a TEDx talk in San Diego this winter and worked with some unbelievable people. I stayed committed to raising my children in the hands on, family first, approach that I so strongly desire. I also directed a summer camp in my community working with hundreds of people and families, coached my kids basketball teams, ran community programs and workshops and took care of myself and my marriage in a way that’s necessary because it feeds and fuels everything else. 

So after a year like that, why would I bother to stop and reflect? Why would I look to see what I can do more of or better? Why wouldn’t I just keep blazing onward to 2014 with the same approach I had in 2013? Well, there were moments I was tired, burned, uncertain. My love for the feast of life can be chaotic and exhausting. I want the shift of 2013 to be permanent. I want to write, speak, meet, teach, talk everyday of my life. But this will require pacing. This will require me to live and act deliberately. This will require me to be open, to learn, to trust, to slow. These have always been my “Oh, the Places You Will Grow” areas. So I’ve decided to set some “slow goals” to support myself personally – nothing here can be completed in under a year. But each goal will also support my professional journey as I explore the Slow Tech Movement further. For more on the STM click here –

So what exactly am I doing?  Check it out:

  1. Write a hand written note everyday. Yup, that’s 365 letters mailed! Spoiler Alert: My sister Kellie is getting the January 1st edition. *I hope your back feels better soon Auntie Kiki!
  2. Meet a different person for coffee (tea/beer/run/walk/food also acceptable) one time per week. That’s 52 dates! Talk about nurturing and building relationships!
  3. Take the kids on a weekly “No Phone Zone” adventure – hikes, library, museums, car rides. That’s 52 outings! Can we handle that kind of fun and bonding without scrolling, checking, tweeting? It will be hard not to take pics to report on my blog, but I’ll just have to rely on my memory and written word. I think I can. I think I can.
  4. Clean/organize/update one portion of my house each month. That’s 12 improvements helping me live “cleaner”.  I’m a firm believer in the mantra “Match Your Socks, Change Your Life”. I just can’t always follow through. 
  5. Try something new once a month – a class, a project, a restaurant, a book.

So, I want to know! How will you Slow Tech Yourself in 2014? Where can you slow or grow? Join me on this journey or start your own.


Go get ‘em!


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