parenting cornerstones.

RESPECT: Be kind to others, tell the truth, use your voice for good, create positive relationships, eat well, sleep well, love yourself, be brave, lead.

RESPONSIBILITY: Say please and thank you, make eye contact, work hard, value what you have, bask in gratitude, honor your family, set high standards, engage, sweat, think.

LIVE FULLY: Have fun, play, go outside, be silly, be willing to make mistakes, create, imagine, be curious, seek, serve, give back.


Do you want to feel like an empowered parent instead of an exhausted one?

Does your family need a tech reset at home?

Have there been chronic tech incidents at your home that carry over to school?

Do you want to open the dialogue about tech with your teens/tweens without tense and curt responses?

Well, creating your own set of family iRules is the first place to start. Explore a little using the submenu to the left. Check out my Parent Tech Tips, Glossary, and other Blog Posts. You can also find out more information on the book and read the contract that started it all.


Here is a little bit about my family -- and how we use tech:


The Hofmann Family Tech Profile:

Who breaks out in anxiety hives while looking at Pinterest? Who is a Sports Center addict? Who has a genuine iPad addiction? Who designs and creates websites for fun and ease despite a lack of formal training? Our family tech profile explains it all – check it out!



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Even though it can seem simple or even obvious, Slow Tech iRules are truly life-changers when we apply them to the everydayness of our existence. These, I know for sure, are rules we must live by.

Parent Tech Tip

A list of rules to help you talk to your teens about sexting.