Now is a perfect time to take a "Tech Inventory".

Parent Tech Tip

Instagram now offers an update to include a video feature. If your kids are using Instagram this adds a whole new component.

Mostly innocent with multiple choice questions like "Who is my favorite athlete?". But we always want to look for the silent message, what goes unsaid and that impact.

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Text Scroll

Have you done a scroll through your child's texts or social networking accounts lately?

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Phone Free

Try an activity in the next week where everyone leaves their phones home.

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Slap Cam

A new trend started on Vine and now viral on many other video sharing sites is called "Slap Cam". Yep -- slapping someone unexpectedly in the face while someone catches it on video, then shares it. I hate this. It bothers me deeply.

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Baby Apps

Are you parenting babies & young children? Do you feel pressure to get "learning" apps?

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Miley Madness

Well, the Miley Madness at the VMA's opens the doors for so much discussion with our tweens and teens. This is a perfect time to ask your kids questions like "did you see Miley's performance?"

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