Now is a perfect time to take a "Tech Inventory".

Parent Tech Tip

Instagram now offers an update to include a video feature. If your kids are using Instagram this adds a whole new component.

Back to School Tech

Back to school? Establish tech boundaries with your kids and teens.

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The View from my iPhone

Awareness is the first step to building healthy tech habits -- even if it's a little embarrassing to admit.

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"Plugged In" Grandchildren

What wisdom do our parents have to share about raising children?

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The newest social networking site that's quite popular with teens and tweens right now. Users post questions anonymously. My 13 year old and I agreed that it's best that he delete his account.

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I know everybody's lovin' their e-readers! Educators, parents, librarians, and bus drivers are especially thrilled their kiddos hearts and minds are buried in books - err screens - with fever!

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Twitter's latest feature, users create 6 seconds or less of looping video on a mobile device and share with followers. I proudly made my first Vine vid this week thanks to the tutelage of my son.

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Parent Creepers

A creeper is d escribed as both a silent lurker or stalker and someone constantly commenting, trolling and getting involved in a, well, creepy way. Don't do this!

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