Parent Creepers

Janell Burley Hofmann, July 01, 2013

A creeper is d escribed as both a silent lurker or stalker and someone constantly commenting, trolling and getting involved in a, well, creepy way. Don’t do this! Here are some suggestions to avoid creeping, but still
promote an online parental presence. I describe this balance as being “on it”, not “in it”.

· Always ask your older child/teen before posting or tagging photos of them. Ask that they do the same for you to practice and teach mutual respect.

· Limit public comments on their posts and pictures.

· Limit commenting on the posts of their peers, even if the peers have chosen to follow or friend you first.

· Don’t obsess over their everyday convos, keep your antennae up for real health and safety concerns, then don’t hesitate to step in.