A Driver’s License Poem for Gregory

Janell Burley Hofmann, May 01, 2016

Oh, sweet baby Greggy, you passed your road test.

You’re driving now & I’m kind of a mess.

You’ve grown up so fast, but I’m proud as can be.

And now for the rules you must follow carefully.


Please except our gift of Dad’s well-loved Prius.

So you can help with the driving – oh boy will that free us!

The insurance, repairs and gas are your bills.

Lucky for us, hard work is the best of your skills.


The key to success is to be safe with your wheels.

You are too smart to break the following deals.

No texting or scrolling or speeding or tricks.

There are things that can happen, that I cannot fix.


Seatbelts buckled every time that you drive.

No substances at all, I need you alive.

You have practiced and studied and you’re ready to go.

But you are just a beginner, so please take it slow.


Every night of the week, have the car home by 8,

And 10 on the weekends, please call if you’re late.

Be a good guest when you go see your friends

And know when a visit has come to an end.


Take a drive to your grandparents & ask to do favors.

Take your siblings for ice cream & try all the flavors.

Help with our errands and help with the chores.

Stay on top of your studies, please keep those high scores.


I worry a lot & believe in you too.

Because you already know the right things to do.

You are wrapped up in love and wishes and prayers

So let’s start this new chapter with the greatest of care.


Keep talking to us, we’ll help you along.

Come home for dinner, keep singing your songs.

Oh child, how exciting, freedom and wings!

Now make the best of what the road brings.








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