Character Day 2016 And Your Digital Character

Janell Burley Hofmann, August 11, 2016

What is Character Day?

Now in it’s third year, Character Day, is set for September 22, 2016. Character day is an exciting global day where students and educators from around the world screen films by an Emmy-nominated film studio on the science of character development from different perspectives. Students dive into free printed discussion materials and resources while joining an online global conversation around character — focusing on who they we are, who they want to be in the world, and how to develop these character strengths (resilience, grit, empathy, courage, kindness)–all rooted in evidence-based research. Teachers are encouraged to sign up now to make the most of this free day for the fall.

Last year there were over 6,784 events at schools and classrooms across the world, each tying Character Day into their lesson plans, after-school programs, and special assemblies or back to school events. Your Character Day event can look and feel any way that you would like it to be – any time of the day, anywhere, and any size. Some schools did campus-wide assemblies, other teachers did specific events in their classrooms. The Character Day organizers leave the creativity of what the day looks like to the Principals and the teachers, they just provide the materials (Films, Periodic Table of Character Strengths Poster, printed discussion materials, a robust online hub of resources and lessons plans and an online conversation with leading experts on Character education from multiple perspectives). Character Day is supported by grants so there is no cost to participate. You can watch the acclaimed films “The Science of Character” (8mins) and “The Adaptable Mind”  to get a better sense of what types of films will be shown on Character Day.

Once you sign up, there will be webinars that invite educators to learn more about best practices for hosting your own Character Day film screenings from inspiring examples that have happened in previous years. All you need to do is register (which takes 2 minutes) and all of these materials will be provided for you.  Please sign up at!

New! Janell is bringing Digital Character to Character Day! So, What is Digital Character?

Digital Character is who we are and who we want to be online. Knowing how we want to show up online is a choice, but we’re human, so it takes practice to develop those skills. We can be our best digital-self online through discovering and developing our Digital Character.

Join us as we create a series of conversations, activities, engagements and tools to support Character Day both on the screens and away from the screens. For more information on what’s coming up, visit here! 



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