Five Tech Tips That Will Bring Your Family Together

Janell Burley Hofmann, July 30, 2015

The modern day family has screen time on their minds. We love technology. Personally and professionally it makes our lives easier, with promises for high efficiency and engagement. Most of us agree it would be impossible to live or work without it – there’s no turning back! But when it comes to our children and teens, we’re all trying to find a healthy balance that feels just right.

One way we can eliminate the struggle around technology, is to actually enjoy it! How fabulous would it feel if our devices kept us connected, deepened our relationships and were a tool for creativity and family fun? When we use tech with purpose, it becomes something we celebrate instead of dread.

So if you’re looking for meaningful ways tech can actually bring your family together, start right here!

  1. Share! Online videos, music, comedy, sports and headlines are a great place to start. Build a bridge with your teens and tweens by finding popular or niche social network accounts, pages and channels that may be of interest or that you may have in common. Share musicians you love and social causes you care about. Promote meaningful conversation, discussion and encourage mutual curiosity and fun.


  1. Make Art! Outside Voice, a creative art outlet based in Austin, Texas recommends using devices to have a family digital photography scavenger hunt, alphabet & name game search while also documenting “faces in places” or other unique, funny captures available everywhere. Try it at home & out in the world. Check out digital technology that supports and explores the arts and allow time for family members of all ages to give it a try.


  1. Tutorials! Want to learn to do that fabulous braid, make those adorable cupcakes or practice the steps to the hit dance? It’s all available to you and your family online. Get silly, get serious – watch & learn – together!


  1. Get Your Game On! Set up a video game tournament, try a game outside of your family’s typical genres, or let the kids teach you to play their favorite app. Even if it’s not your thing, kids love to teach their parents new stuff! Love to compete? Make up your own games using the web and a little creativity!


  1. Get Curious! Want to know the sound a moose makes, which NBA team has the most championship titles, or the words to your son’s favorite song? Access to information has never been greater! So question and search together. Put the web to work!


Disclaimer: While all of these tips are about tech, they’re really about time. Technology can be a vehicle for the pause we all need – sitting and talking, bonding and building a loving relationship. So don’t resist it, embrace it – together!

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