Kellie is Off to India

Kellie Burley, December 03, 2014

For years I have heard my oldest sister speak about Made By Survivors.

I have attended several festivals and fundraising events that she and her husband have organized together. I have been a consumer of Made by Survivors, purchasing bracelets and earrings right from their website. I am no stranger to a Cape Cod craft fair, sitting for hours alongside my sister as she passed out flyers and encouraged local shoppers to consider Made by Survivors’ products.  Overwhelming my fellow Facebook peers has been a specialty of mine, with statuses reading, “Check out my sister’s newest blog post!” or “Consider donating to my sister’s fundraising page!”.  Five years ago I even helped babysit — and pet sit for that matter, her five children and two dogs and have kept her husband company while she volunteered in the shelters of India.  On paper, it shows that I have been in support of Made by Survivors for years (and that I am kind of an awesome sister, but, that is beside the point).  However, as I reflect back, it becomes clear to me that it was less of Made by Survivors that I was outwardly supporting and more of my sister.

Yet, with an interesting turn of events, I now have the beautiful and rare opportunity to travel to India with that sister of mine, where I will have the chance to support Made by Survivors live and in person.

As I was preparing for this trip to India, an old colleague of mine reached out to wish me safe travels.  He shared a little insight about his personal experience with India and explained that India was an “assault on your senses.”  After our conversation, I kept thinking about that description.  I thought about the spiciness of Indian food punching my tongue, the loud and stimulating sounds banging around in my ears.  I thought about how awake and alert I’ll be, taking in the chaos and all things new.

The way people have described India make me laugh to myself, because I think many of those words could also describe me.  Spicy (assertive, intense, and passionate), loud (opinionated and vocal), colorful (bold and vibrant).

As I temporarily leave behind my fast-paced, numbers-driven, work environment, I will be entering a whole new on-the-go culture. Within the intensity of India and within the intensity of myself, I hope to tap into and explore the gentle and calm within both of us.


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