Puppy Girl

Janell Burley Hofmann, July 08, 2013


My girl embodies every inch of her six (*almost 7*) years. She is adorable with a petite, muscular build and tiny face with long black hair. I could write a story about her every day. Yesterday I watched her run up to our house after the school bus dropped her off. I hid by the front door, so she wouldn’t know I was there. Our dog was pouncing back and forth, running with her, so excited to have her home. She was spinning and dodging with Izzy all along our side yard. She was smiley, but serious, with her wolf winter hat falling over her eyes. They went at it for a good five minutes this bait and chase, block and twirl. The ground was snowy, the sun was already setting on this freezing afternoon. I was thrilled and honored to witness the puppy inside my little girl so alive and well.