Summer iRules Series

Janell Burley Hofmann, May 08, 2017

Summer iRules: Over the next month I’ll be bringing you a series of workbook style activities to help you build a working set of iRules for the summer months – made just for your family!

 Part 1 Goal: Sometimes families feel pressure and concern as the summer months approach. Sometimes the dream we have of lazy, slow days become a reality of tension and struggle over free time and screen time. This activity is designed to get us thinking about summer, family and tech. A change of season is a great opportunity to pause, reflect and plan. We don’t need to have all of the answers today, but consider ways we can be proactive instead of reactive this summer.

Find a little space in your life to sit down by yourself or talk to a partner or your childcare provider – even with your child – using these prompts as a focus. Don’t worry about an outcome, instead just see what happens! Wishing you the best as we begin this month long journey together and we look ahead to summer with joy!

Part 1 – Prompts to consider for your Summer iRules:

  1. A Year in Review: Reflect back on the school year. What worked and what didn’t? What part of your family tech use is going well and where do you need to improve?


  1. Name Your Stress: What worries you the most? What (device, app, social network, game, behavior, circumstance) is on your mind and why? Name it & we can tame it.


  1. Tech Tendencies: Consider each child and think about the support and boundaries they may need with summer just ahead. Differentiate their needs to set each child up for tech success.


  1. Make a Match: What does your summer schedule look like? Are we really booked or wide open? Making iRules that match your family’s schedule makes sense.


  1. Summer Goals: What do you want from summer break? How does tech fit into your family plan? Draw, list or write the perfect summer day. How does tech show up?


At the end of the series, everyone will have the option to schedule one, private 30-minute appointment (video or phone) with me a discounted rate. Together we can tweak and strengthen your Summer iRules and I can answer any questions or concerns you might have. So grab a notebook and jump in!

*All appointments will be scheduled for the week of June 4th. To book a 30-minute time slot, email Janell at


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