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Janell leads workshops and discussion groups on balancing tech and respect, including her Slow Tech ideas. Janell's audiences include international universities, high schools, middle schools, private schools, and professional organizations. If you're looking for someone to lead the discussion on balancing tech and respect, there is no better choice than Janell.

Janell at Work:



Student Programs

In a classroom setting, students will engage in a 60 – 90 minute workshop about living a tech positive life. How can we use technology for its highest good? What are some of the challenges that we must overcome in order to do that? We’ll discuss how it feels to have our social lives follow us everywhere over our devices while we learn to navigate the “big three” – cyberbullying, sexting, and gaming. This course follows the natural direction that unfolds by the students in each individual class, while using Janell’s guidance to give the conversation structure and real life strategies for growth and meaningful tech use.

This program is also available in a large group setting. Students come together for a program designed to bring awareness, examples, and insights into living with tech at home and at school. Using topic points of compassion and integrity, respect and responsibility, this talk will encourage students to live fully both on their screens and away from their screens. A question and answer period will follow. This talk encourages students to take away ideas and continue the discussion in their lives inside and outside of school.

Who takes this class? This class is popular with students entering junior high or high school for the first time. Also, specific members of the student body - like a student council or leadership group that can take what they learn with Janell and spread it to their peers. Have there been chronic tech incidents at home that carry over to school? Has there been an increase or outbreak of negative behaviors around tech use impacting the school environment? Is there a group of students that would benefit from selection into this class? All are welcome to learn and grow in this student workshop.

Educator Programs:

Do you want to integrate technology into your classroom but have mixed feelings? Does an e-reader help the enthusiasm of resistant readers or an iPad help a child better communicate? Can you embrace the benefits of technology while still valuing analog methods and areas of study? Educators can teach in balance, showing our children the value of a handwritten letter and the excitement of bringing a country across the globe to life on the screen. In this workshop, small group or private consultation, we can tweeze out fears and uncertainties while creating a curriculum that supports an individual’s strengths and educational cornerstones while considering the goals and needs of the district.

Does your classroom, school or district need assistance creating tech policies that work for educators, students and families? Do you want to celebrate and integrate technology at a pace that works with your staff and students without having too much too soon or leaving your learners behind? This planning takes mindful and deliberate consideration. Janell works as a facilitator to provide guidance and mediation through the process of policy development in schools.

Family Programs:

Janell offers a 60 – 90 minute workshop in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This allows parents and their teens/tweens to come together with each other and other families to talk about technology. Parents, do you want to ask questions and open the dialogue about technology without the tense atmosphere or curt responses? Teens, are you tired of feeling like you’re parents don’t “get tech” and everything that happens online? Sometimes simple questions and conversations lead to deeper connectedness and understanding. We’ll start meaningful conversations and work to build boundaries with tangible takeaways that will be key in raising tech healthy families.

Want to set guidelines and boundaries around technology in your home? You need iRules! It’s never too late to create them. In this 60 – 90 minute workshop, you will use tips and tools from Janell’s book titled iRules. These prompts will help you answer questions that will serve the tech needs of your individual family. Through this process, the cornerstones of your family will become clear and serve as a guide to the creation of your very own set of iRules.

Remember when our children were little and parents talked about everything – breastfeeding, baby food, teething, and preschool selection? When did this stop? As our children grow into tweens and teens we still need that same village. In this 60-90 minute workshop, we’ll go back to basics, use our community and begin to share how to navigate parenting technology with strengthened support systems. We are never alone in our parenting journey, we each need to build a network so we keep talking to each other as our children grow and change.

In a large group setting, parents and community members come together for a 30-45 minute talk about raising our children in the modern world and the impact of technology. The conversation will highlight parenting strategies that allow us to be engaged and navigate the shift and influx in tech use among our children. How can we live in balance? What is the Slow Tech Lifestyle? How can we make sure our children are being kind online and behaving with integrity? What are we afraid of? What do we want to protect? As we deepen our understanding of our motivations, we see that the technology is just a piece of the puzzle, falling under the umbrella of our core principles and values in all areas of parenting.

Professional Programs:

How is the technology serving your business? Are your employees finding a balance between personal and professional tech use? How is the social technology impacting your mission? Janell can help your organization use technology for its highest good by introducing the Slow Tech Movement. Slow Tech is a state of mind – a philosophy that bridges conscious living and authenticity with technology. Slow Tech living is about fostering real, personal connections and interactions with clients, co-workers, and leadership while embracing the technology and all that it offers. Do you want to create a “No Phone Zone” for your employees to clear their minds? Or do you need Janell to facilitate a discussion around the attachment to devices throughout the day? Janell can help your organization promote a lifestyle and work environment that is tech healthy.


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Janell is Also A Writer.

Janell is the author of iRules: What Every Tech Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming & Growing Up.

She is a contributor to multiple media outlets.

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