As Slow Tech Parents we are finding a balance between technology and human interaction. This is a form of active parenting.Slow Tech Parents believe technology can be integrated into their lifestyle to coexist with the joy of traditional interpersonal relationships while celebrating text messaging, picture and info sharing, face timing and social networking as opportunities to enhance the balanced life. In my coaching and writing, i’m on a mission to bring the tech savvy, the tech weary, and generation tech together with genuine guidance to build the modern and mindful Slow Tech umbrella. Developing our own iRules creed in our family life gives us an accessible, easy way to bridge a connection between technology and living with purpose without going to extremes. between technology and living with purpose without going to extremes.

Slow Tech Yourself

Tips on Becoming a Slow Tech Family

  • Get out of your car at school drop off or pick up. Say hello to the children and adults waiting too. Make a connection- talk about your love of iced coffee or your need for a cocktail. That kind of passion bonds people!
  • Wait patiently in the dentist’s office. Breathe: It will be ok. Humans have done this for decades. Make small talk with the receptionist or the elderly patient next to you. You may have a mutual friend!
  • Sit on a bench. Look around. Smile at people.
  • Make meal time a “No Phone Zone!” Make a pile of gadgets on the counter – go on – everything that can charge belongs here. You too, Mom & Dad!
  • Walk to your neighbor’s house, knock on the door and say’ Can I please borrow two eggs. I ran out. “Better yet, send your kids on errands that involve interacting with people and
    helping you!”
  • Leave your electronic devices home when visiting Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Run or walk without headphones. Free yourself from maps, music, & minutes! Just Go!
  • Find a nature trail. Take a tech free hike. Even if that means no artsy pics of the kids!
  • Say this to your children and their friends in a very loud and bossy voice:”GO OUTSIDE!” Don’t worry- being bossy is fun!
  • Encourage the kids to not know the answer. Wait it out. Let a thought, question or idea
    incubate. See what happens!

Want to bring the Slow Tech Movement to Your House? Do it with iRules!

iRules are a set of technology principles adapted from the iPhone Contract I
created for my son. Your iRules are based on your family’s values and philosophies. In doing so, each family must outline and identify what principles and values they use as parenting cornerstones everyday, then adapt and apply those to the technology. Ultimately this will result in a set of iRules that carry the same parenting philosophies that currently exist in the home.